ZERO ONE DRIVE 株式会社ゼロワン・ドライブ

Think Why , Make How


ゼロワン・ドライブHOME事例&コラムAbout us (in English)

About us (in English)


Creation and improvement of value,

expansion of possibility by creating common ground.

The company name “Zero-One Drive” expresses

the starting point of us: Producing “One” from “Zero”.

With the basic stance of producing “One” from “Zero”,

We contribute to customers’future by connecting people and people,

people and service, people and products, products and products.

We have experience of more than 20,000 sales promotion

for more than 300 companies.

Business and industries we have associated with:

Education, housing and lifestyle business, real estate,

restaurant business, care welfare, distribution industry, leisure industry.

With wide range of accumulated know-how, practical proposal,

and action for results. We assure good partnership with customers,

so that we can create more merit and common grounds in customers’ future.

Representative Director / Masashi Shinoda

●Contract business
・Sales promotion back-up
・Publicity of new merchandize; improving recognition, promotion, getting followings
・Service recognition; increasing visibility and membership
・Assisting feasibility
・Market research
・Trial sales
・Assisting recruitment; requirement definition of human resources, preparing means to contact talented people
・Providing necessary tools for those activities and facilitating the use of talented human resources

●Contents business
Career Education Support Association